Live Soundtracks for Movies that Don’t Yet Exist


Locally arranged equipment – ORANGE;
Equipment that could be brought (upon arrangement of the travel costs) – WHITE.

  • 10x6x5m (WxDxH) minimum
  • Black-themed stage design preferred

Speakers and amplifiers:
  • High quality stereo sound system (at least 10 watt per person with full coverage of the audience).
  • Optional central cluster and surround speakers.
  • Allen&Heath iLive iDR-32 with M-DANTE card installed
  • Any control surface

Other sound equipment:
  • Headset microphone ( DPA 4088, 4067, d-fine; Countryman E6;
  • Sennheiser HSP-2) with professional UHF wireless system
  • Stereo wireless IN-EAR monitor
  • TC-HELICON Voiceworks PLUS
  • MOTU midi express XT or MOTU MTP
  • CONTINUUM FINGERBOARD by Haken Audio - big size
  • Apple computer with Fireware port and preinstalled software packageKYMA by Symbolic Sound
  • PACARANA by Symbolic Sound with 8 GB onboard memory
  • MOTU ultralite mk3 (or other PACARANA-compatible audio-MIDIinterface)
  • Desktop computer: CPU : Intel quadcore i7, 3 GHz Memory: 12 GB DDR3 System HDD: 10,000 rpm Data HDD: 2 Tb 8 USB 2 ports Gigabit Ethernet Windows 7 Ableton LIVE 8.2.8 KOMPLETE 8 by Native instruments EVOLVE by Heavyocity East-West silver edition
  • Custom made keyboard + Theremin

  • WATCHOUT system by Dataton (see specification of the computers at
  • Production computer
  • Single display computer
  • Video capturing card
  • High quality professional video projector 9000 ANSI lumen min. with wide lens (0.6-1.0) and DVI input
  • Any compatible USB MIDI interface (MIDISPORT by midiman)
  • Video camera with composite out on stand
  • Ethernet switch or router
  • Projection table
  • Grey projection screen for rear projection 16:9 (~4.0 x 2.25m) on stand.
  • PC 2kW x 6
  • Dimmers 2kW x 7
  • Cables
  • Clamps
  • Lighting console for 12 channels

Contact information: Michael Vaisburd +(972)54 6915571